Natland International Corporation

Custom Synthesis, Contract Research & Fine Organic Chemical Company

 P.O. Box 13391, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709       USA
Phone: (919)380-9775     Fax: (919)380-9886

Providing superior quality and services in Custom Synthesis, Contract Research and Fine Organic Chemical Distribution.


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International Corporation
P.O. Box 13391,
Research Triangle Park,
NC 27709   USA
Phone: (919)380-9775
Fax: (919)380-9886


Company Information

Description of Natland International Corporation and its services.

Custom Synthesis Service

Natland is specialized in complex multi-step custom organic synthesis in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Contract Research Synthesis Service

All our Ph.D. chemists have more than 10 years of experience in exploratory, collaborative research synthesis.

Fine Organic Chemicals

Natland distributes very rare organic chemicals in 4 categories with extremely competitive price. In addition, we distribute Silica Gel for column chromatography to university chemistry labs and custom synthesis companies.

Natural Products
including Genistein, Paclitaxel, 10 DAB III and Taxane Analogues
Bulk Genistein (natural) and 10 DAB III is available.

Steroidal Raw Materials and Intermediates
including Hecogenin, Tigogenin and other compounds

Organic Chemicals, Reagents & Pharmaceutical Intermediates
including 2-Acetylfran, Benzopinacol, Methoxyamine HCl, Phenylsuccinic Acid and others

Biological Products
including Genistein (synthetic), 2-Chloroadenocine and others

Silica Gel for column chromatography
We offer high quality Silica Gel with the lowest everyday price to organic chemistry labs.

Quote / Information Request / Order / Contact Us

Request a quote and information for custom synthesis, Organic Chemicals and Silica Gel. If you are current customer, you can place order through this page. If you have any question, send us a message.

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